"Painting and motorsport are the disciplines that I've deeply enjoyed since I was very young, and both have fuelled my passion and helped me to grow within my profession.

My beginnings as a professional restorer evolved also to fine painting details, free hand coachlining and old instruments restoration, working for more than 10 years on examples of the best traditional motorcar brands in my native hometown in Argentina.

A great deal of my drawings and paintings were made for private collectors, museums and clubs with drawings published in magazines, books and promotional posters along these years.

Living already for more than three years in the United Kingdom and having two years experience working for Rolls Royce in Goodwood, I am right now mainly working on vintage cars, paintings, drawings and adding the activity writing for motoring related publications.

The art to express something through a paint brush is a close similar feeling on written words".  

Welcome to my website.

Gabriel Petit de Meurville